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Yunjae, Yoosu, Minbum, etc.

                                                                Chapter One(preview): Cat meets Wolf

Jaejoong stretched lazily while yawning at the same time, taking a six hour nap always made him feel refreshed. He sniffed the air, realizing his owners were back and making dinner. He happily turned his head to the right to see his brother Junsu sleeping soundly. He smirked and pounced on top of Junsu, who let out a screch and jumped into the air. Jaejoong was laughing on the inside, but you could tell he was if you looked into his green eyes. Junsu glared at his brother with his blue eyes, sticking his grey tail into the air and walked away angrily to the kitchen.


THIS IS ALL I CAN WRITE RIGHT NOW...i'll fix this later...since I know I didn't write this very well :/
as for the plot...jaejoong and junsu are cats XD who have the ability to transform into human form whenever they feel like it, as for who the wolf is, you'll have to find that out later though i'm sure most people would figure that out
and there is cross-breeding in here...for example cat/wolf but they would only have sex in their human form
and of course M-PREG! because i can't help but love it! XD ah and warning of bestially in here...for a human/dog breed >.> (they only have sex when he's in his human form)
might possibly put this in doujinshi form..so if anyone is interested for me to continue, please tell me XD thanks <3


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Sep. 3rd, 2013 10:17 pm (UTC)
This is interesting. I like very much the idea. And it's funny already.
I like mpreg too. Especially when it comes to YunJae...
I wonder why am I the first to comment, after so much time.
I really, really like the plot.
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