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The Only Exception Part One

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                The Only Exception Part One

Yunho smiled as he was finished with another day of work. He was a dance instructor for Dong Bang Shin Ki. He really liked U-Know, he reminded him of himself, he thought the other members were great also, they were all really close, it was a nice sight to see.

“Alright guys I’m leaving now, take care!” Yunho bowed at his students and walked out while drinking his bottle of water.

‘Time to go home and take a shower, then relax and watch some T.V.’ Yunho was humming Hug while walking down the street and glancing around.

Yunho decided to stop by a comic book store first, he wanted to get the next volume of one piece. After he bought it, he started to walk out of the store, when he got out the door, someone bumped into him and he dropped his manhwa. The man who bumped into him shouted I’m sorry as he kept on hurrying to wherever he was going, Yunho frowned and saw the back of the man. He sighed as he picked up his manhwa and continued on his way home.


Jaejoong was finishing his last order, he worked in a five star hotel. He was the top chef there and everyone liked him. He was nice, caring, and always worked hard.

“Great job everyone! See you tomorrow!” Jaejoong smiled and gave a small bow as he said goodbye.

Jaejoong finished changing and started walking out the restaurant while turning his cell phone on.

‘One new message! Yay I feel loved!’ Jaejoong opened the message.

From: ChunChun
Subject: HYUNG!!
Message: I’m so sorry Hyung! Had to take Junsu to the hospital! I’m really sorry!

Jaejoong’s eyes widened, his cute adorable little brother was in the hospital, ‘If Yoochun is the reason for him being there, I’m going to beat him!’ Jaejoong looked to see when it was sent, it was sent an hour ago, he practically ran down the street rushing to the hospital, knowing which hospital was closest to Junsu’s work place.

As he was pretty much running down the street he accidentally bumped into someone and heard whatever they were holding fall to the ground. He felt bad for it but quickly yelled out he was sorry, though he wanted to stay and help but he wanted to get to the hospital quickly.

~YooSu and Changmin~

“I’m really worried about Hyung…” Junsu sighed.

“Your worried about your Hyung while your in the hospital?” Yoochun raised an eyebrow.

“Ah is it because he hasn’t fallen in love?” Changmin asked.

“Yes, he told me he won’t ever fall in love….ever since our umma left us at a young age, and seeing our appa so heart broken, Hyung decided that day that he will never fall in love, he doesn’t want to go through that pain.”

“Sounds like my Hyung….ever since our appa died and we saw how distraught our umma was….he had to take care of us for a while, our umma was to heart broken to do anything, that day he vowed he will always take care of us and never fall in love, in fear that the one he loves will die early in the relationship.”

“Wow…I’m so sorry to hear that…” Yoochun didn’t know what else to say.

“It’s okay, I’ve healed thanks to you Chunnie.” Junsu pecked Yoochun on the lips.

“Yea I’m also okay with it now, thanks to my wonderful Kibum.” Changmin said while smiling with his miss-matched eyes.

“Now if only we can find someone for Jaejoong-Hyung!” Junsu tapped his chin in thought.

“Uh, I just remembered, maybe I should have told Jae-Hyung about you fainting and just needing an I.V drop due to fatigue and over work…” Yoochun laughed nervously.

“Yah! What did you tell my Hyung? You probably made him worry!” Junsu smacked Yoochun lightly.

“Ow…I just said that I’m sorry and had to take you to the hospital…”

“HaHa! He’s probably running here just to make sure Junsu-Hyung is okay! And probably thought you had something to do with his dongsaeng ending up in the Hospital to begin with!” Changmin grinned.

“Yah! Jae-Hyung is going to kill me!” Yoochun quickly took his cell phone out and started calling Jaejoong.

“Oh, I need to find someone perfect for my Hyung…” Junsu went back to thinking of possible candidates for his Hyung.

“How about my Hyung? I think they would make a great couple! That and my Hyung can’t cook!” Changmin suggested.

“Hmm…GREAT IDEA! Now to set them up on a blind date! Or maybe we should just have a get together so they can finally meet, I’m surprised they haven’t already.”

Yoochun closed his phone, “Okay…so Jae-Hyung isn’t picking up at all and I called like five times!”

“So now we just need to plan a get together soon! When is everybody free?” Junsu ignored Yoochun.

“I’m free this Friday and so is Kibum!” Changmin was a little excited, he really wanted his Hyung to find happiness like him.

“Yah! Fine ignore me, aish! But I’m free Friday also…” Yoochun pouted.

“Great so is my brother and me! Make sure your Hyung isn’t doing anything that day!” Junsu kissed Yoochun’s cheek to make him stop pouting.

“Okay I will call him right now!” As Changmin pulled out his cell phone, someone burst through the room.

All three of them whipped their heads to the door to see a very worried, angry and tired Jaejoong.

Jaejoong panted, “J-Jun..su…are…you…okay!?!” Jaejoong went to his brothers side and started checking him all over.

“I’m fine Hyung! I just fainted from over working! I’m sorry…” Junsu said sincerely.

“Oh thank goodness…still don’t over work yourself!” Jaejoong hugged Junsu and glared at Yoochun.

“Um…I tried to call you to tell you it wasn’t to serious but um you didn’t answer…” Yoochun gulped.

“YOU! My cell phone was on silence! YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT TO BEGIN WITH! AISH!” Jaejoong smacked Yoochun’s head.

“Ouch…I’m sorry Hyung…” Yoochun rubbed his poor head.

“Hyungggg~~~~ Don’t hurt my Chunnie!” Junsu pouted.

Jaejoong rolled his eyes, “I’m not! That was just a warning! Aish, had me worried like crazy, I thought it was something really serious!”

Changmin hung up his cell, he left his Hyung a message.

“Hi Jaejoong-Hyung! I’m Changmin! The smartest out of Yoochun and Junsu Hyung.” Changmin placed his hand out, waiting for the other to take it.

“Oh never seen you before, nice to meet you Changmin! Glad to know they have a smart friend with them.” Jaejoong grinned and shook Changmin’s hand.

“Yah! What do you mean the smartest! I’m the smartest!” Junsu smacked Changmin’s arm and pouted.

“If anyone, I defiantly think it’s me! I’m the oldest.” Yoochun stated while chuckling at Changmin for getting hit.

“JunJun! That isn’t nice! Apologize to your nice friend!” Jaejoong glared at his little brother.

Changmin rubbed his arm and stuck his tongue out at Junsu.

Junsu grumbled, “Sorry…Changmin…”

Jaejoong rolled his eyes, Yoochun chuckled at his silly duck butt, and Changmin smirked.

“Oh Hyung…we are having a get together at our house! Is that okay? It’s on Friday! Changmin’s boyfriend and his Hyung will be there also! It will be fun!” Junsu begged Jaejoong.

“Hmmm…Alright I guess we can, I don’t see why not, I will make us all lunch then.” Jaejoong smiled, he needed to have some fun in his mundane life.

“Yay! Thank you Hyung!” Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin all hugged Jaejoong, Jaejoong laughed and hugged them back.


‘Just my luck to get bumped into…well at least I’m home now.’ Yunho unlocked his door and went in.

“Minnie, Umma, I’m home!” Yunho shouted as he closed the front door and took his shoes off.

“Minnie? Umma?” Yunho questioned as he heard no response.

Yunho frowned and walked into the kitchen to see if anyone was there, he noticed a note on the refrigerator.

Dear Yunho and Changmin,

Going on a two week vacation with my friends! Don’t worry about me! We will be fine! We are going to Paris! My friend won a trip for four to Paris, and I was invited to go with her, take care boys!


Yunho raised an eyebrow, what are the odds of that, he thought, oh well, glad his umma was going to have fun.

Yunho walked up into his room and set his manhwa down, he walked into his bathroom and closed the door partially.

Yunho stripped all his clothes off and set his cell phone down on the counter, he turned the hot water on and jumped in.

Yunho started humming Hug again while taking a shower, he really loved DBSK’s debut song.

Yunho was done showering in fifteen minutes, as he got out he grabbed the towel and wrapped it around his waistm and walked out of his bathroom towards his closet.
Yunho pulled out a pair of sweats, a wife beater and red boxers. He put them on and walked back into the bathroom as he was drying his hair with one hand, and grabbed his cell phone.

It read one missed call and one new voice message. ‘Must be Minnie,’ He thought. He flipped his cell open and called his voicemail.

“One New Message,” Yunho rolled his eyes, he knew that already.

“Hyung! Are you free Friday? Me and my friends are going to all hang out, and we want you there also! You got to go out and have fun! Call me back Hyung!” Yunho chuckled, his little brother was the best, he ended the call and dialed Changmin while walking out of his room down to the kitchen.

“HYUNG!!! I’m so glad you called back!” Yunho laughed.

“Yea I was taking a shower when you called, I’m free Friday, when are you coming home?”

“YAY! Ah I’m going to spend the night at my Bummie’s house, how’s umma doing?”

“She left today, she went to Paris with her friends for two weeks.”

“Aish that Umma of ours…anyways I will tell everyone that you will be attending! Talk to you later Hyung!”

“Bye Minnie, don’t stay up to late.”

“Hyung! What are you thinking? I won’t stay up that late! Well depends on Bummie’s mood….hehe.”

“Aish, I have a perverted little brother, talk to you later.” Yunho closed his cell before his brother could reply.

Yunho rolled his eyes and pocketed his cell, his little brother was a huge pervert, he had no idea where he got it from.

Yunho was rummaging through the cupboards looking for something to eat, he wasn’t a good cook, he decided on take-out tonight since his Umma wasn’t there to cook.

~Two days later~

“Hyungggg~~~~ WAKE UP IT’S FRIDAY!” Junsu bounced into Jaejoong’s room happily.

“Ergg…What time is it?!!?” Jaejoong said sleepily.

“It’s seven o’ clock!” Junsu chirped.

“Ughhh…why are you waking me up so early!? It’s Friday! Wake me up later!” Jaejoong buried his face into his pillow.

“Wow that’s exactly what Chunnie said, but I did my dolphin screech so now he’s awake and getting ready to come over!” Junsu exclaimed happily.

“I feel sorry for him…” Jaejoong muttered, he seriously wondered how Junsu could be such a morning person.

After ten minutes Jaejoong finally decided to get up, only because Junsu kept yapping away and doing his infamous dolphin screech and he just couldn’t take it anymore.

~With Yunho and Changmin~

Yunho was already up and taking a shower, after he got out he dried himself off and walked to his closest. He frowned, he had no idea what to wear.

Yunho decided just to wear black boxers, jeans, a white wife beater and a black and red plaid shirt over it. He checked himself in the mirror and smirked, he looked good.

Yunho walked towards Changmin’s room and knocked on the door.

“MINNIE! TIME TO WAKE UP!” Yunho didn’t know when they would head over to his brother’s friend’s house but it was best to wake up early, they had to go grocery shopping anyways.

Yunho heard Changmin groan and mutter something. “Come on Minnie!”

“Ugg…Hyunggg~~ It’s way to early to wake up!” Changmin whined.

“Aish, we need to go grocery shopping, we don’t have much food here.”

Yunho heard crashing sounds and rustling sounds, all of a sudden Changmin opened his door while panting.

“W…Why…didn’t…you…just…say…that…to…b...begin…with?” Changmin panted out.

Yunho rolled his eyes, “Of course, any mention of no food or low on food would wake you up quickly and make you move at the speed of light.”

Changmin groaned, he felt tired still, but he had to hurry to the store to get food or he wouldn’t make it through the day.

“You can be so dramatic sometimes…anyways since you’re ready and I’m ready, let’s go to the market.”

“Woo! I love the market! Can we get lot’s of snacks also Hyung?!” Changmin stared at him with wide eyes, trying to look as cute as possible.

“Yah! That look won’t work on me!” Yunho laughed.

Changmin’s bottom lip quivered as he continued to give Yunho the puppy look.

“Aish…alright we can get lot’s of snacks.” Yunho rolled his eyes at his silly dongsaeng.

“YES! Thank you Hyung!” Even though Changmin was an adult and didn’t need to ask his Hyung to buy snacks, he always asked knowing Yunho would buy it for him. Changmin did a victory sign and dashed out the house towards the car. Yunho shook his head, sometimes he wondered how old Changmin really was from the way he acted.

~10 A.M.~

“Well that takes care of lunch!” Jaejoong said happily as he finished packing everything he cooked into many lunch boxes.

“It looks great Hyung!” Junsu said while sitting on Yoochun’s lap in the kitchen.

“Yea Jae, it look’s delicious!” Yoochun grinned.

“Thanks you guys! When are your friends arriving? I met Changmin not that long ago, so now I will get to meet his boyfriend and his Hyung…right?”

“Yep! They should be here any minute! After that we shall decide where to go!” Junsu jumped up when he heard the door bell ring.

“THAT’S THEM! I GOT IT!” Junsu ran to the front door.

“Wait…you guys haven’t even planned what we’re doing today?” Jaejoong gave Yoochun an incredulous look.

Yoochun shrugged sheepishly, “Well…no…but I think we should all decide!”

Jaejoong rolled his eyes, he heard people talking and that’s when he walked into the kitchen. Jaejoong couldn’t keep his eyes off the man, his small face, his nice lips, the mole right above those lips, and his eyes, Jaejoong stared into the mans eyes.

Yunho thought Junsu was a cute guy, and seemed really bubbly, the man reminded him of Xiah from DBSK. After introductions, Junsu showed them where the other two were. One man caught Yunho’s attention, his plump red lips, his blonde hair, the mole under his eye and his beautiful huge doe eyes, he couldn’t help but stare into them.

Junsu and the rest of them noticed Yunho and Jaejoong having a staring contest, they knew they did the right thing.

Kibum coughed, “Yunho, the man sitting is Yoochun, also known as Junsu’s boyfriend, and the one standing is Jaejoong, Junsu’s brother.” Though it was the first time meeting Jaejoong, Kibum knew who he was since he has met Yoochun and Junsu before.

Yunho quickly averted his eyes, noticing that the other man was also staring straight back at him.

“O-Oh I see, nice to meet you Yoochun-sshi and Jaejoong-sshi.” Yunho bowed politely.

“N-nice to meet you too! Yunho-sshi and Kibum-sshi!” Jaejoong also bowed politely.

“Nice to meet you Yunho-sshi!”

“What is with those two and bowing?” Junsu whispered to Changmin, Changmin just shrugged.

“Well, now that we all know each other, let’s all come up with an idea on what to do today.” Changmin said.

“OH OH! Let’s go to the amusement park! I haven’t gone there in a really long time!” Junsu said while bouncing up and down excitedly.

“Alright…who gave my duck butt some sugar?”

“Oh…I guess that would be me, I brought some chocolate and candy for everyone and he seemed like he really wanted some so I gave him a chocolate bar…” Yunho said sheepishly.

Jaejoong snorted, “Don’t mind Junsu…he’s always like that, sugar just makes it last longer.”

“Yah I’m not always hyper!” Junsu pouted.

“Yes you are Su.” Yoochun replied.

Junsu just stuck his tongue out at his boyfriend. Kibum smiled, those two always amused him greatly. Changmin rolled his eyes and glanced at his brother, Yunho was looking at Jaejoong again and Jaejoong had a light blush on his face as he avoided eye contact with Yunho.

“Well since no one else came up with an idea, let’s just go with the amusement park, sounds like fun anyways.” Kibum suggested.

Everyone but Junsu nodded their heads in agreement. Everyone got ready to leave, Jaejoong started putting the lunch boxes in a big bag he had.

“Here, let me help.” Yunho said as he put the last two lunch boxes in the bag.

“Thank you Yunho-sshi.” Jaejoong smiled at Yunho.

Yunho’s heart started beating faster, he didn’t understand why, but he had a feeling it was something good.

“You can drop the sshi, Jaejoong.” Yunho returned the smile.

Jaejoong fought off a blush starting to form on his face, he had butterflies in his stomach and didn’t know why, he’s never had this feeling before.

“O-okay…Yunho…” Jaejoong liked saying his name.

Yunho and Jaejoong walked out of the kitchen towards the front door, Yunho said he would carry the bag for Jaejoong and he agreed after arguing with him for five minutes.

“Time to go to the amusement park! YAY!” Junsu said excitedly.

“So how many car’s are we taking? Just two right?” Yoochun asked.

“Yep! And I’m riding with my Chunnie!” Junsu latched on to Yoochun’s arm.

“Alright me and Bummie will ride with you guys, guess that leaves the Hyung’s in a car by themselves.” Changmin grinned.

“W-What?” Jaejoong stuttered.

Junsu dove straight for Yoochun’s car, he quickly sat in the passenger seat and Yoochun got into the drivers seat. Changmin opened the side door for Kibum and Kibum slid in, Changmin swiftly closed the door and practically rolled over the trunk to the other side and got in quickly.

Yoochun started the car, rolled down the window and said “See you Hyung’s there!” Yoochun then drove off to Tohoshinki Park.

“Well…that was weird…” Yunho said with a raised eyebrow.

Jaejoong chuckled, “They act like children sometimes, it’s amusing really.”

“I agree, well I guess we will be taking my car.” Yunho smiled.

“Um, Yea I guess so.” Jaejoong couldn’t look Yunho in the eye, he felt a bit embarrassed for some unknown reason.

Yunho opened the trunk and set the big bag in, then he opened the passenger door for Jaejoong.

“Thank you.” Jaejoong said as he got in.

“Your Welcome Jae.” Yunho closed the door carefully and walked to the other side and got in the drivers seat.

Yunho started the car and decided to put some music on, “The Only Exception” by Paramore started to play.

When I was younger
I saw my daddy cry
And curse at the wind
He broke his own heart
And I watched
As he tried to reassemble it

“I wonder what this song is about…it’s beautiful.” Jaejoong smiled.

And my momma swore that
She would never let herself forget
And that was the day that I promised
I'd never sing of love
If it does not exist

“Hmm, your right, it is a beautiful song.” Yunho agreed as he started to drive towards Tohoshinki Park.


So I think this first part of the two shot really isn't that good or funny XD so please read and comment! Thank you! <3
Part two coming soon!


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SPOT for raintree123
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Sweet and simple and nice! :)
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that was a great first metting for jae and yunho, i loved it.please hurry up with part 2
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