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A kiss goodbye, but only for now

 Title: A kiss goodbye, but only for now
Type: Drabble
Genere: Romance, fluff, a little angst?
Paring: YunJae
Rating: PG
Summary: One secret meeting between the two.

                                                                          A kiss goodbye, but only for now

“Yunho….I missed you so much…” Jaejoong said as tears started flowing down his beautiful face.

“I missed you too..” Yunho replied while tears also flowed down his handsome face.

They embraced each other, holding each other tightly, not knowing when their next meeting will be.

“I’m so happy that you snuck into Goong.”

“You will find a way to go to the JYJ showcase…right?”

“Anything for you my BooJae!”

“I love you Yunho, and always will.”

“I love you too Jaejoong, forever.”

They kissed each other, for five mintues, the kiss full of pain, sadness, and most of all, love.

for YJEverlasting project
It isn't that good tho T-T